New Product Submission

Authorized exhibitors are encouraged to upload their New Products by November 23rd, 2022, for inclusion on the Toronto International Boat Show website.


Authorized exhibitors can now upload their New Products for inclusion on the Toronto International Boat Show via this page.

In Step 1, please select an image which represents your New Product. The image must be in the .JPG format and properly rotated. Once selected, your image will appear as a preview.

In Step 2, please enter the Product Title, Description, Full Name, Email, Phone, Booth Number and Youtube URL, if applicable.

In Step 3, please indicate if you wish to participate in the "New Product” helium balloon program, confirm your information and submit.

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Step 1

Please select an image from your computer by clicking the 'Select image' button, below. Files must be of .JPG format and no larger than 1 Mb. Once selected, your image will appear below.

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Please verify that your image is in the .JPG format and properly rotated. Images with roughly the same height and width will display best on the website. Unfortunately, oversized and incorrectly rotated images may cause delays in placing your New Product on the website.

Step 2

Please enter the following information to complete your New Product Submission.

Link to your Youtube video!

Note: Your Youtube URL must be set to 'Public'.
Example URL:
Click here for Youtube settings help.

Step 3

New products that meet the criteria will be recognized onsite with a “New Product” helium balloon.

This onsite program will help achieve clearer identification of exactly where New products are located within each space – a strong request from consumers who attend the show.

Yes, I would like to apply for a New Product helium balloon for this product

  • There is no cost to participate in the program, approved new products will receive their balloon for free
  • The balloon will be delivered to your display and attached to the new product
  • Some online product submissions may not be approved for the onsite program

I confirm that I am using this form for its intended purpose and that the images and information uploaded are correct to the best of my knowledge.

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Should you require assistance, please contact John Derlis
or call 905 951-4050.

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